Thursday, 13 March 2014

Welcome Back

Believe it or not, last week was yet another busy one. This is both good and bad as the tidal wave of new client over old client, successful sales pitch over unsuccessful sales pitch takes the company self-esteem on a roller coaster. I can tell you, it is the most frustrating thing to make a sales call and end up speaking to somebody who sees the bottom line only. Of course cost is important, but there are so many other factors to weigh up, and at the end of the day, a cheap product is never going to live up to the standards of, ooh, let’s say Toddlenomics (brace yourselves, it’s another proud parent speech!). Perhaps I need to work on my communication a little; always turning negatives into positives or a new learning experience is tiring, but hopefully worth it in the end.

The other director, Darryl’s absence (and by absence, I mean enjoying the Arizona sun) is eventually becoming tiresome. Although we have daily contact by Skype, in which his worst habit is getting up to make a cup of tea and forgetting to return to his post, it has proven to me that I am much more capable than I give myself credit for, but at the same time reinforces the comfort that i am not doing this alone.  There is nothing like having someone to bounce ideas off, have heated arguments with and solve problems together, and like a dog, he is always loyal to me and the business (but don’t tell him I made that comparison).
Although I didn't achieve everything I hoped to last week, I'm proud to say that having the ability to keep on top of customer service is another box I can tick on the ever growing list of to-do’s this company needs.

Until next time… AdiĆ³s Amigo’s!