Monday, 3 March 2014

The Start of a New Week Already?!

Wow, the start of another week already. I can never decide if it's getting older that makes time go faster, or being busier!

I would be patting myself on the back now, for getting more than a fair bit of work done last week, but the avalanche of paperwork that is keeping me occupied just by insisting on toppling over every two minutes, is preventing me from doing so - no exaggerations! It's amazing how much paper I use working for a technology company (for somebody who previously counted herself as a technology newbie, I am irrationally excited for when all work can be done via the computer).

I probably need to let you know at this stage that Darryl, our other director, is in Arizona USA for a 3 month stint. Our son is training to be a professional basketball player, which involves a little more time sitting on planes than I was expecting (or hoping for), and Darryl is escorting him wherever he goes, partly as an excuse to check out the childcare market, but mostly because, even after sixteen years, we are still overprotective parents. The flexibility of using a cloud system (wherever we are in the world) is really beginning to shine through.

Other than the paperwork and the seven hour time difference between me and my partner, last week was a good one. We have some new nurseries starting with us, and some using the demo product. This is the part of my job that I enjoy the most; talking to clients. Not to curry favour, but the childcare market does seem to be ripe with genuinely lovely people, making my job a real pleasure, particularly if I'm having a bad day, where one phone call can lift my spirits almost instantly.

Next on the list for this self proclaimed workaholic: the website to update, some homework set by a business course to complete, new clients to find and guide, and a paper I wrote to send off to a magazine (hoping for a bit of editorial). Wish me luck and we'll see what comes next!

Tune in next week for the exciting remonstrations of an SME owner (Wait... Where did you all go?)!