Monday, 24 March 2014

Many Hats

Running an SME means wearing many hats.  I managed, at last, to complete all the new baubles in Illustrator for the Advantages page of our web site.  I have sent them over to Stephen (our server side/web site guy who does so much more and who I couldn't do without) for him to arrange and upload.
I reposted a fantastic picture on twitter, Facebook and Google +.  It was a pic of a man in a tattoo shop, holding up an intricate picture of Pegasus.  The tattoo ‘artist’ was tattooing the picture onto his back but unfortunately the penmanship was more akin to a 3 year olds.  The caption read ‘There will always be someone who says that they can do it cheaper – but at what cost?’   I found this very interesting, as for instance, most people faced with a supermarket own brand product versus a premium brand product will choose the premium brand with no thought to anything but the look and wording on the packaging (making them believe they were paying for a better product even if that is not the case).  With that in mind I have had experience of the opposite with regard to Toddlenomics.  Having had potential customers go with a cheaper product just because it was cheaper and for no other reason.  I therefore pose the question is there a price cut off where by one would choose the cheaper over the more expensive?  This is very interesting to me, in terms of sales, and something that definitely needs further investigations.

I have just written a paper ‘How to Choose a Software Package for your Nursery’.  Having noticed that there is a glut of information out there offered to people that are thinking of setting up nurseries, but there is no information on software.  The nursery sector is an extremely complex business but many are being run using simplistic business models.  For years only a few software providers offered NMS (Nursery Management Systems) but in recent years many software providers have come into the market, some offering flexible, agile systems more suited to the complex business model.  Unfortunately this is an area still behind in this sector with only a few, forward thinking nurseries, realising the importance of a good business software package and understanding what business requirements they need from a package.  And finally weighing up the advantages  against the costs.

I hope to have this uploaded to our website next week so if you are interested in reading it please go to or alternatively it will be on the Learning Alliance web site.

Have a great week.