Tuesday, 25 February 2014

It's all New to Me!

Okay let's start with a hello to all those of you who are reading this blog.

I am new to this and hope to be interesting at least some of the time!

Toddlenomics was designed and built by oathouse.com and is its first in-house product. oathouse.com is an SME set up in 2008.  Toddlenomics was launched in April 2013 after 18 months of market testing. The name came from a blend of Toddler (as we were in the childcare industry) and economics (as the system has been so designed to maximise business profits and take the human error out of the finances.

oathouse.com was set up by my partner, Darryl, and I joined the company the same month Toddlenomics was launched, so it has been a steep learning curve for me.  I am the communications director, which has a wide brief, and I must therefore communicate using all avenues available.  I am of an age where social networking and blogging etc. does not come naturally but I have a great young team member who is trying very hard to drag me into the 21st century, I think he is doing pretty well but he cannot take responsibility for what I write here!

We are an ethical company and take our customers very seriously.  We don't want to make a quick sale but want to build relationships with two way communication. This will help us to understand our customers and continue to improve the product with their needs at the forefront.  We haven't just built a Nursery Management Product, we took time to work with many different nurseries to build a product the market wanted and needed.  We built a robust system using the latest technology because we believe everyone deserves the best.  We have priced Toddlenomics so the smallest of nurseries to the largest of chains can take advantage of it, and knowing the market we work with our customers to help them improve their business. We believe this is how corporations should be moving forward in today's market.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now, but I am passionate about Toddlenomics and oathouse.com and want everyone to know!

I hope to give you a week by week blog into running an SME, highlights and pitfalls so check back regularly and let me know what you'd like to hear.

Have a great week
Bridget Oatridge